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Have you been wondering how branding your market can result in a game-changing corporate world? At ITQAN, we breathe life into your brand, taking it to the next level. We interact with your brand and craft its special personality to draw the road-map towards your ideal brand that will put a spell on the minds of your targeted clients.

We offer you the following to create a complete Branding for you:

Identity Researching

Your research identity consists of a number of elements that together represent you as a researcher. These elements include: Your name as it appears on your publications Your profiles listing your publications and other research activities Your institutional and organisational affiliations Your collaborations Citations of your research and publications Your peer review and editorial activities Media acknowledgement of your research and publications, including social media

Visual Identity

Visual identity and branding are two terms that are often confused in the process of building a brand. As simple as it gets, visual identity is the visual aspect of branding the business and trying to evoke certain feelings in the consumer through visuals. It conveys symbolic meanings that cannot be imparted through words alone. A brand is all the actions a company takes to create awareness and to separate itself from the competition.

Audio Identity

The brand identity is built on abstract attributes and associations, which a company wants to convey and stand out with. The rise of online streaming and new audio-first mediums are now pushing brands to expand their territory into the realm of sound by creating their own audio branding guidelines. Studies are showing that sound has an uncanny ability to humanize and unify brands' presence in today's many touchpoints.

Scent Identity

A PetCo advertisement encourages us to,“Keep your pup smelling delicious between baths with Petco's selection of dog perfumes, colognes, and deodorant sprays.” But my dog Bella will be the first to tell you that she really doesn’t want to smell like papaya or baby powder. She would much rather smell like Bella. A dog’s scent is her identity.

Brand Protection

Brand protection means keeping a company’s intellectual property secure against infringers, copyright pirates, and counterfeiters. It translates to safeguarding a company brand’s image, reputation, and value while also avoiding loss of revenue. Knowing how to protect your intellectual property is important for any brand. Counterfeiters alone are persistent enough to target businesses they can profit from using any and every tactic available to succeed.


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